Spark-Server events

Hi @Dave, @bko and @BDub,
I wonder if spark events also work on Spark-Server. I’m using the same firmware and I don’t seam to get any custom event. I do get open and error. Is there anything I should be doing?

Hi @juano2310,

I think this may be an existing issue –

I haven’t had time to dive back into the spark-server, but I’ll see if I can’t get some time during this next sprint.


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Thanks a lot @Dave! This is an awesome feature :smile:

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Hi @Dave, any clue were should l look in the code to try to fix this? I would love to dive in but I don’t know were to start.
Thanks a lot!

Heya @juano2310,

Thanks for the offer! I would think the issue would be in the CoreController subscribe system here

or maybe in the events catching code here:

Some disconnect between those two pieces would be the cause, I would think. :slight_smile:


you will see the spark events appear with spark subscribe which shows all the events in the firehose