Spark RC car kit battery

Hello all,
I just assembled my new spark rc car kit and its working fine, I tested it by connecting a 9V power supply to the Spark Shield Shield power connector.
But to make it mobile I need a battery, obviously. The kit contains a 5 x AA battery holder (no batteries included) and if I use it (I’ll have to buy the batteries first) I’ll have 5 x 1.2V = 6V. Is this enough? The label near the power connector of the Spark Shield Shield has: 7V - 15V DC. So I guess that 6V is too low. Anyone has tried it with 6V? Anyway, why does the kit contains a 5 x AA battery holder is it is not enough?
Thanks in advance for any help, greetings

I used the included battery holder, I soldered the leads to the shield shield, as that supplies power to the core, motor shield, and motors and works fine.

So you’re powering it with 6V and it works fine? How long does the battery lasts? Isn’t the motor running slowly even with full charge battery?

I had it going for probably about 5 mins, but I switched it off before it slowed down as I have another project I’m working on.

I was using normal 1.5V alkaline batteries not rechargeable so it was running at 7.5V. Unfortunately I haven’t tried a 9V battery so I can’t comment on if it was running slow at all, sorry.

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Ok, so you powered it with 7.5V. Thanks for the info!
Anyone else tried 6V?

Ok, I bought the Pack Racing MNiMH (Conrad) 7.2V / 3700mAh and it works fine :slight_smile:

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