Spark Photon Delivery Date?

So the Spark Photon I know has been delayed multiple times. And that’s okay because I know they’re trying to give us the best possible product. I also know that the pre-orders are now supposed to arrive in May. My question for anybody who might know is when exactly in May they will arrive… In a week? End of May? Early June? Have they already shipped? I’m really excited for these little photons and if I have to wait much longer I might start drawing on the walls or something crazy.


Great question! We are going to be starting shipping next week. Shipping will be ongoing from that point and all pre-ordered Photons will be shipped out prior to the end of June. We’ll be shipping based on when your order was placed. Yay!


Hallelujah!!! dances for joy

Thank you for the quick and informative response!


Will start shipping date also apply to the P1’s?

Hi @wesner0019, the P1s and shields will start shipping in early June. We will keep everyone updated as we have more concrete dates!

Could you tell me, if it is easy, when I am going to have my Photon?

Take a look at this :smile:

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Thanks for your answer. Doing the best, from you, is enough to me. I can wait.


Does anyone know when (if?) the Photon is going to be available in the UK from CPC or CoolComponents?

We are going to be starting shipping next week. Shipping will be ongoing from that point and all pre-ordered Photons will be shipped out prior to the end of June

Back in May you said that they were “currently on its way to the U.S. from China”. What happened in between? Did they get stuck at customs? Today is June 16 and there have been no updates whatsoever. When are orders really shipping?

How sure are you about that?

Thanks for the link. I don’t frequent this board (just signed up to complain, in fact) and this update never made it to my email - last message I received is the one titled ‘Photons are shipping’ back on May 15. I’m certainly disappointed at how kickstarter-like this whole thing has been. Next week it is then.

If you lucky, latest update says sourcing problem and production on hold :confused:
Summary delivery goals.

Original time frame : March
14/2 RF/PCB issue, now April
7/4 “manufacturing snags”, Now June
15/5 All pre-orders will be shipped before the end of June
2/6 Shipping week of 6/22: All remaining orders with only Photons and/or Maker Kits
17/6 On track
24/6 Shipping week of 6/29: All remaining orders with Photons only, Relay Shields, Programmer Shields
2/7 Photon manufacturing is currently on hold (But seems 18.000 total stock will be shipped?)

Feels like I’ll be receiving my Electron before I receive my Photon :frowning:

Annoyingly I was a very early backer but wanted to change my order from 1 to 2 Photons. Support told me to cancel my order and re-order two which would have no effect on the shipping times. If I hadn’t have done that I’d have already received my single Photon by now.

At this point I’m giving up and assuming that I’ve paid for vaporware.

Photon order was “shipped” on July 8th (well the 10th considering the whole communication failure) after almost a year of waiting. But… it still hasn’t been delivered. According to the order status, it’s saying that it’s still open and considering USPS says the tracking number is invalid, it’s probably never even been packaged or exist in this world.

But hey, they already have our money. What a total disappointment…

So was mine. It got to the Netherlands within 3 days, not too bad, with this message:

“Package processed by international carrier”

That didn’t change for 13 days until they showed up at my door. That was frustrating enough to contact USPS, which answered with this lovely message:

Due to this package being sent by Mail Innovations, I cannot see as much detail as a package being sent, say for example, UPS Ground. The way I track this item is on our web site, just like you do.

Freely translated as:“Nah bro, I can’t even. No clue what’s going on”.

That said, I have a heck of a lot less faith in USPS than I do in Particle. Have you tried contacting with your order number? They should normally be able to help you out.

I can assure you that it exists, and I have 100% faith in it being shipped if Particle let you know they did.

@christine, could you be of any further assistance?

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@mad if you could PM me your order number I’ll look into it for you.

We switched to UPS mail innovations for a time. We were told it would be faster and cheaper, but they ended up having an issue with many of their tracking numbers where, although the package has already been sent, there isn’t a good way to tell when exactly it will get to you. Many folks who have had these invalid numbers have already received their Photons, although the tracking number never activated. We have since switched back to our old system which we know to be more reliable.

I promise that your photon is 100% not vaporware. Send me your order number and I’ll get you as much info and detail as I can.