Spark Core / Terminal?

Hello i a´m Marc from Germany…

I read everywhere something of spark core and terminal connections
but when i try a telnet connection nothing works and no one can help me…
there are no examples in the internet…

I wanted to talk via telnet to the spark core like a wifi uart module:

Example: IP:
Port: 85

But i only have the Ip of the Spark Core ! No Port is displayed in the router or my Ip Terminal program.

I only wanted to control the outputs& readInputs of the spark core…

I do not want to communicate about the strange j.son … this is totally awkward

I hope there is a possibility the spark core to control uncomplicated art.

Thanks & Regards from Germany


you can write a pseudo telnet server yourself. have a look at the TCPServer docs.

i wrote a basic script that returns the temperature or altitude or humidity based on what keys you send it in about 70 lines of code; and another one that switches the LED on/off based on if you send it a 0 or 1 in about 50 lines.

someone wrote a full telnet server here, but its going to be of limited use as the spark doesn’t have an operating system.

i’ve got to agree the json stuff is a bit too trendy for my liking, i just want to send a command to a port without all that javascript and restful crap.

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Thank you sej7278 :wink:

that helped me ! :))

nice that not only do I think so…I do not understand what it is supposed to be great

one needs in addition a java application then access token and device id…very cumbersome!

and ad hoc is not supported…incredible device…

but apart from the fact that it is cumbersome and some stuff is not supported, the device is well :smiley:

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Hi @MarcGermany,

You can access your device locally via a TCP or UDP port, e.g. a simple telnet server, without using your device id or access token, and you certainly don’t need to use a Java app unless you need to for some reason. :slight_smile: