Spark Core Adafruit DotStar 60-LED Strip New Year's Eve Countdown!

Just got my Adafruit DotStar strip today and coded up a nice NYE Countdown Timer for it. Here’s the gist of it…

  • You need a 60 pixel DotStar LED strip. NeoPixel will work if you can hurry up and fix the includes at the top.
  • Hang it up with the 60th pixel at the top
  • When it first powers up it will go through the sequence starting with the current second… good for troubleshooting, you only have one shot!
  • The countdown animation is like a burning fuse, once it reaches midnight it will go nuts for a couple seconds and then start the fireworks for 3 minutes.
  • It’s currently set for CST timezone, so adjust as necessary. There is already an alarm for EST (already over), CST (coming shortly!) and PST (hey you got time for this!!)… set it and forget it! MST… ehh, I wasn’t sure about that one :wink:

Get the complete code here… just grab the ZIP, point Spark CLI or Spark Dev to the firmware directory to compile and flash to your Core!


Happy New Year everyone!! :sparkles: :star2:



I like the Neopixel star on top of the Christmas tree. That’s something that the kid would have like to help build for the tree this year. I’ll have to remember to try that next year.

I like the background music.