Question on timer based program

I threw together a 60 led neopixel strip to set in our front window and run some christmas animations. I initially had it setup to turn it on and off by a button, but I’m wanting to make it more automated so I don’t have to worry about it. Something along the lines of if (the time) is between 8am and 4pm, turn neopixels off, would work great.

I searched and found a few instances of time based code but was wondering if there has been any firmware releases that make the process easy.

As always thanks for the help.

Hi @Buds444

This would be great with the SparkTimeAlarms library, a ported version of TimeAlarms. You can find it in the web IDE or the ported version is here:

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@Buds444, @bko is absolutely right (and faster than me)! Another possibility is to get on the IFTTT beta program and use Spark.function() and some IFTTT rules to turn your lights on and off via the cloud.


I like both answers. Think I’ll try the IFTTT route initially to help test the beta out, and after doing that I may as well learn how to use the SparkTimeAlarms library as well. Thanks for the help.

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@Buds444, keep us in the loop. I would love to hear how each goes :smile:

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