Spark Cloud updates and brief down time

Hello Everyone,

The Cloud team was in the middle of upgrading the node.js runtime on our servers and some of the services had to be restarted / rolled back. Your Cores may have experienced a minor loss of connectivity to the Spark Cloud but things are back to normal again. Yay to system updates and thanks for your patience!


Mohit @ Spark

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Howdy folks,

The community site had some issues this afternoon when we attempted to use the new wiz-bang Discourse upgrade tool (Docker Manager) to upgrade. The impact you may have experienced was that the CSS was a bit off initially and certain interactions like replies to posts were not working correctly. After being notified by some wonderful people in the community, we looked closer at the problem and re-did the upgrade process using a less wiz-bang, more manual approach and restored things back to the way they should be. We’re good to go at this point. You can see more details on the play by play here at our status site

Sorry about the inconvenience, thanks to folks who alerted us to the problem, and have a wonderful weekend!



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I’m seeing something a bit odd with my code. When I verify it is fine and the flash appears to go through ok.

When I query the Cloud API for the functions/variables that are available I get none back for both whereas I have defined 3 variables (temperature, visibility and ipAddress). Has something gone wrong somewhere?

Flashing back the tinker app or just a simple app with a function and a variable makes them display ok. Very odd.

Hi @elbeardo,

Hmm… Are you calling the Spark.variable / Spark.function calls early in your setup function? If you have a very significant delay before calling those, it’s possible the server already grabbed the list of available variables / functions on your core before it was populated. That’s something we’re hoping to improve with both firmware and server adaptations.


Cheers Dave,

They were getting called relatively early. I used your example of multiple OneWire temperature sensors and had placed the Spark/variable/Spark.function calls immediately after the call to findDevices. It was probably the execution of findDevices causing the problem for me. They are now the first thing I declare in Setup and they appear as normal.

Thanks again,


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