Spark API sources

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where can I check out Spark Core sources? Are they present on GitHub or some other public repo?

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Watch this space:

Right now the core hardware repo is open source. When we deliver the Core, we will open source the firmware and more!

Yeah, this one I saw. I was looking for Cortex M3 FW and library API.

I also wanted to see how you implemented WiFi configurator - are you putting the CC3000 in AP mode, how doet it scan available networks and what interface does it offer.

I guess you have set-up proxy the server side, so server side SW would be interesting to inspect also - what is server technology, is it Node.js or maybe Tornado Web, what kind of database is used, etc…


The CC3000 has a super smooth setup process called SmartConfig. This video is a little cheesy, but it demonstrates the use of the iPhone/Android app to wireless connect the Core to your Wi-Fi router:

Since the Spark Cloud will have to handle tens of thousands of connections, our server infrastructure will be a complex combination of many parts, but we will be releasing a simple, open source node.js app that people can use to run their own server if they prefer.

The REST API docs are a bit out of date and changing soon, but here they are to give you a flavor:

OK, so put to AP mode it provides a server, so that you can send new settings and put it to STA mode.

What I am concerned is:

  1. Does it goes to AP mode after each reset, or is it capable to remember last good setting?
  2. Can you bring it back easily to AP mode (i.e. button push) once it is in STA, or how can you change the network once the device is connected.

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The CC3000 can not do AP mode—the SmartConfig setup process is totally different.

  1. The Spark Core will remember up to 7 sets of Wi-Fi credentials to automatically connect to.
  2. To put the Core back in SmartConfig mode to connect to a new network, just push the button on the Core!

Will the cloud stack be open as well so that we can run our own local cloud servers? There are a couple of scenarios where I might not want devices communicating outside a local network.

Yes, as promised in the Kickstarter campaign, and as mentioned in my latest update on the status page, there will be an open source version of the cloud that you can run yourself.