[SOLVED] Where can I buy the Photon's Buck Switching Regulator IC - RT8008-33GB?

Soluion: Seems like they can be found on eBay or Amazon.com

Plugging a USB cable into my Photon and crackle smoke :open_mouth:

Connecting 3.3 volts to the 3V3 Pin…the photon still works as normal. Powering via Vin and USB…nothing. So I’d like to attempt replacing the voltage regulator and see if that brings my photon back to normal. The problem is that this component seems to be only available in bulk quantities.

So, does anyone know where one could buy the RT8008-33GB is smaller quantities? Also, is this part equivalent
TEXAS INSTRUMENTS LM3671MF-3.3/NOPB Buck (Step Down) Switching Regulator

I’ve compared the datasheets and the are very similar. the PWM frequency is the only difference I see.

@shiv, seems Newark Element 14 has some:


Hi @peekay123. That was super quick! Yes, that’s the link I provided in my initial post. However, the part number is not the same and I was wondering if it’s a substitute for the RT8008-33GP.

I’m curious, have you (or anyone else) had this issue?

@shiv, perhaps I was too quick! I hadn’t even paid attention to your link!

So after looking at the specs, the pinout is incompatible so that part is a no-go :confused:

@shiv, on Amazon.com. However, no guarantee these are genuine:

Thank you for confirming @peekay123. Oh well, I did find them on ebay. I’ll give them a shot when they arrive.

I received the voltage regulators I had ordered from ebay today and I replaced the burnt out one on the Photon board with one of the ones I received today and I’m happy to report that my Photon is back in action and functions as normal.


I know this is solved, but do you guys know if this is the same regulator for the electron, or know where I can find the data sheet for it? Pretty sure mine shorted out today.

The Electron uses a bit more complex suit of components. A Power management IC, along the TPS62290 3.3V regulator and Fuel Gauge. You can read more about here. The entire datasheet, circuit and parts list here.


I just looked at it, seems that regulator is a little more difficult to find, between that and the power management module, in your opinion, is it worth trying?

@Mjones, how do you believe you shorted these out? What is the failure you are observing?

It’s getting extremely hot between the USB connector and the ublox Chip. I was doing some testing with the relay shield and a wiegand device, it slid off my workbench onto a piece of metal.

@Mjones. How was it powered when it fell?

12vdc through the barrel plug on the relay shield.