[SOLVED] What's the working environment specs of Electron dev kit?

I know the Electron itself is not weatherproofing. Just wonder if I want to put the Electron into a case and use it for outdoor project, what should I be careful with? For example, if I want to monitor the humidity and temp inside/outside a greenhouse, does Electron can work at -30°C or 0°F in winter and 70°C or 158°F in summer? How about the battery pack? Where can I find a detail specs about this?


This will not work, the datasheet specifies an operating temperature from -20C to +60C, have a look at https://docs.particle.io/datasheets/electron-datasheet/#recommended-operating-conditions-i-class-icon-check-i-

Of course I do not know which component is the limiting factor. The battery is from PKCELL and you van find it’s datasheets on the Github repository https://github.com/spark/electron/tree/master/datasheets

Hope this will help

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Thanks, that helps!

Very welcome