[SOLVED]Webhook with sudden null field in JSON response

Been using webhooks a lot for the past several weeks without issue. Love them.

Today, I’m starting to get all kinds of 404s from my server because the webhook URL looks something like this:

Where the “id” field is extracted from the JSON that results from another webhook response. It seems that the “id” field that I’m extracting from the previous response is null even though it says that it’s fully populated with a valid value when I watch webhook response logs in the dashboard.

Did something change today that would muck with the fields in a webhook response, @Dave?

Turns out that when I print out the data field in my webhook request callback, I get a partial string that looks something like a malformatted json string.

{“name”:“dbg”,“data”:"data is [{“id”,“ttl”:“60”,“published_at”:“2015-12-01T03:37:22.550Z”,“coreid”:“CONCEALED”}

Looks like the response that I find in my response from my webhook is not the same as the data that I’m seeing in the dashboard. I didn’t change anything about the way I consume this data today. Did something change on the webhook side of things?

The last post of mine actually showed output from the data as it was being printed out from my JSON parser. It looks like the data that’s coming back from the response actually looks something like this:

{“name”:“dbg”,“data”:“data is [{“id”:“blah”}]”,“ttl”:“60”,“published_at”:“2015-12-01T03:47:57.617Z”,“coreid”:“2f0048000747343337373738”}

After reading through the JsonParser code, it appears that the escaped quotes are causing the issues. Has this recently changed? Do I need to expect escape quotes in my code now?

After more digging it seems like there’s a corrupted stack somewhere in my code.

Sorry for the goose chase. :-/

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Sorry about the slow reply, glad you found the cause! :slight_smile: