[Solved] TCPClient using Android as hotspot

Has someone had problems trying to connect with TCPClient? (Using the same code than Docs Spark for TCPClient)

I only get:

Connection failed

I guess my problem is Phone as hotspot, I currently cannot test with regular wifi, so I could not say anything. In order to the forum that code should works properly.

Well, I’m running out of ideas. Try changing the IP to 74 125 196 102.

The updated line would read:

byte server[] = { 74, 125, 196, 102 }; // Google

Sure, I can connect to web through my phone. Exactly the same code I am using. My phone is HTC One M8, about settings (I don’t know if this is what you mean), I only click on share wifi and connect it with hyperterminal, on listen mode.

Ok. It’s going to sound repetitive but I’m just trying to get an accurate assessment of the situation

  1. Can you connect to the website (http://google.com/search?q=unicorn) using your phone? How about your computer when connected to the wifi hotspot?
  2. What color is the LED on the Core? Breathing Cyan?
  3. When you core is connected to the hotspot does it show up in the WebIDE?

Yes to all of them

Hey @harrisonhjones, guess what, seems like a joke, just thought “what if I putbyte server[]... insidevoid setup()”. Everything comes clear after I ran it. Almost cry. Thanks! :slight_smile:

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Welcome. I’m going to mark this “solved” but feel free to reply back if you have additional questions.