[Solved]- Particle API JS - PublishEvent with a different coreid

Hi there, so I’ve got what might be quite a basic question.

I’ve been trying to build a test platform for our cloud software, but have ran into a small issue with the particle cloud API. I have been using the Particle API JS Node library in the test application.

I was wondering if it was possible to set the coreid when publishing an event? currently in all events the coreid will be set to coreid: 001 rather than a specific device’s ID.

I can work with this if it is a limitation of the cloud API however it would be nice to perform an end to end test of the system with multiple devices by setting the coreid, rather than having to build special cases into the cloud software to fake multiple different devices.

I’d say it’s not trivial or even wanted, since that would potentially open a gaping security hole if anybody could just pretend to be some other device.

well, thats true, didn’t think of it that way, was just thinking in terms of testing.

I’m going to assume its not a feature then, would be nice to be able to select from a few invalid options though, e.g. 001, 002, just allow more than one coreid.

All I really want to do here is test with multiple fake devices, but I’ll have to look at other strategies to do it.

Thanks for the reply!