[Solved] Multiple red flashes. What does it mean?

Hi all, noob here.

I’m getting regular multiple red flashes on my core, I think 7 or 8 (they are fast, hard to count accurately).

I have looked up the meaning of the various flashes and colours, but this one doesn’t seem to match.

I have uploaded a video on Youtube in case someone here knows what this is.

Thank you!

It looks like a Hard fault :wink:


Notice that after the SOS sequence, there is 1 red flash and the SOS flash code repeats again followed by 1 red flash.

But i might be wrong cos that’s something i’m less familiar with :wink:

Definitely a hard fault. This comes from following a bad pointer, etc.

Can you post your code?

Aha, thank you, that helped a lot. I was overflowing a char array during run time. Fixed!