Core flashing led red like crazy, can´t recognize fault pattern [Solved]


could some one out there translate from Spark languish what it try to say to me when flashing like this? Film of the flashing
It´s starts flashing like this after I send a UDP broadcast and it has send 1 of 2 package in return.

RED led is not crazy. It tells clearly to you that you got a hard fault (CODE 1).



I didn’t know anything about this SOS error. Could not see any info about it in the “GETTING STARTED under LEDs”.

If I understand hard fault correct, it some thing wrong with the code? Should not the compiler complain ? Or could it be hard fault also if I use UDP lib wrong?

Hi @Martin

The LED pattern and a lot more is documented in the Troubleshooting doc page here:

A hard fault is a fatal bug in your program (or possibly in a library you are using) typically caused by trying to read non-existent memory. There are lots of ways this can happen and using the USB Serial port to print debug messages can help you narrow down where the problem in your program lies.


Thanks @bko !

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