[SOLVED] iOS SDK on Local Cloud

I have successfully created a local cloud and created an account on that local cloud. I want to point my iOS app to that local cloud.

I noticed

NSString *const kSparkAPIBaseURL = @"http://api.particle.io";

in SparkCloud.m

I thought changing this line to my local cloud ip and port will do the trick but I get

Wrong credentials or no internet connectivity, please try again

Is there a way to use the provided iOS SDK to talk to a local cloud? What are the changes need to make this happen?

The issue was my local cloud. All you really need to do is change

NSString *const kSparkAPIBaseURL = @"http://api.particle.io";

to your own local cloud

NSString *const kSparkAPIBaseURL = @"http://x.x.x.x:8080";

to get the iOS SDK to work with your local cloud.