[SOLVED] How to call a function using local cloud and photon

I’m just setting up local cloud on my server and after exchanging keys, I’ve successfully gotten my photon to connect to my local server. I’ve already uploaded a simple app onto the photon where calling a function "justblink" will pulse pin D7 (connected to the LED) for 100 ms. How do I call justblink using the local cloud?

It seems to me that in order to do this, I will have to ‘claim’ my photon to the local cloud. However, I cannot seem to do this. Running "particle setup" (after changing config to local cloud) errors out because the page "/v1/device_claims" is not found on my local cloud instance. I read in another thread that this was intentional and suggested that we use "particle core add <mydeviceid>" instead. I get "successfully claimed device <mydeviceid>", but upon close inspection, this is not the case. This is how I know:

$ curl -d access_token=xxx
  "ok": true
$ curl<mydeviceid> -d access_token=xxx
Not Found

So is there anyway I can manually claim the core in order to be able to call my function through my local cloud?

Nevermind! I figured out my problem smacks forehead I’ll leave this here just in case someone else is facing the same situation.

Both calls I listed above should be GET requests, as opposed to POST, which is what I was doing. Passing -G fixed the problem!

$ curl -G<mydeviceid> -d access_token=xxx
  "id": "mydeviceid",
  "name": null,
  "connected": true,
  "variables": {},
  "functions": [

A note though: calling the function must be POST request to /v1/devices/<devid>/<func>

Can you upload the whole code? I want to try it. Thanks.