[SOLVED] Help with Brain Library

could anyone help me to translate the Brain.h and Brain.cpp files from this arduino-based library https://github.com/kitschpatrol/Brain to make it Photon compatible… in case it is possible, or at least, give me the main clues to do it? … the main problem i found is related to the use of class/structs and the stream type.

@fbt, you marked this thread as [SOLVED]. Do you still need help? If not, please post your solution for other members. :wink:

Hi @peekay123, you are right! … sorry … the initial compilation problems i found were solved just by including the “application.h” file in Brain.h. after that, in the application examples from this library, the “Serial” object in Brain declaration must be modified by Serial1. At first, that could make the app photon compatible. Once i prove it, i will post any other issue related to this topic. thanks

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Could you upload your library to the particle cloud? … I also need to use it but I am a novice with my photon