[Solved]- Email Particle Photon

Hallo guys.

I have some troubles, when i am useing this code.

my proton starts flashing SOS and followed by either 11 or 12 flashes, Do any of you know what I am doing wrong?

I am trying to use smtp2go.com and their port 2525.

Kind regards Emil

I would start with changing your #defined strings to const char[] variables, transition to the current version of Spark.variable("emailSent", &sentOnce, INT); to Particle.variable("emailSent", sentOnce);, change SPARK_WLAN_Loop(); to Particle.process(); and use less String objects and rather go with C strings (char[], char*).

I guess especially the “overuse” of String causes heap fragmentation which eventually leads to your SOS panic.

Does their service allow you to use it without SSL/TLS? Most do not.

Thank for the help.
I changed my setup to use “IFTTT.COM”. And it works now.

Thank you! :smile: