[Solved]CLI Scanning for networks - Not showing option to set SSID manually

Using the CLI to setup the wifi. When I answer “N” to not scan networks, I’m not being presented with the option to provide the SSID and password. Basically, it seems to just hang. I end up using CTRL+C to quite the job.

Of course, I’ve seen this option before (which is why I know what to expect). So what could be preventing the CLI from moving on to the next step?

I’m not sure why it’s not working for you. I was just testing that, actually related to your other post about a problem with phone hot spots. I was using particle CLI version 1.11.0 and I think I tested all of the automatic and manual flows in the last 20 minutes and was able to enter a manual SSID successfully.

Yes, I’ve done that too but today I’m not able to get past once I respond with a “N”. I’m wondering it has anything to do with the code that the MCU is currently flashed with.

Never mind. It was my mistake. The board was not in Listen mode.