[SOLVED] Can I apply 5V to the RST pin?

I would like to use an external device to reset my Electron but I only have access to 5V digital pins on that device.
Is the RST pin on the Electron 5V tolerant ?

I cant find anything about it in the data sheet

SOLUTION: No, you cannot. Use a voltage divider to step down 5v to 3.3v

I wouldn’t thinks so, since it has an internal pull-up to 3.3V which is an exclusion factor on the otherwise 5V tolerant GPIOs.
You’d permanently feedback from your 5V signal to the 3.3V rail via the pull-up resistor.

That make sense. I guess I could solve this by adding a voltage divider.

That should work.
What kind of signal pin are you dealing with? If it’s a GPIO of some sort (like from an Arduino) you could have it high-z and only got to output LOW when you want to reset.

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