Solar powered Photon weather station just passed 1 year of uptime

Hi All,

I thought I’d share a bit of a landmark for one of my projects. One year ago today I turned on an outdoor weather stations build around a Particle Photon. It gathers data using the SparkFun weather shield, and uses the SparkFun battery shield connected to a solar panel to keep a battery charged. Besides having to wipe the snow off of the solar panel on a few occasions, I haven’t touched this in a year. Through storms, cold nights below 0F and hot summer days above 100F, rain, ice and snow … the Photon hasn’t needed to be restarted even once. Of course the WiFi connection has occasionally dropped, but it always recovers and keeps going.

Here is a picture of my raw data app running on the web showing the temperature in my back yard and battery charge level over the past week.:

I’m pretty excited about this.


Well done! Here’s to another year!