Smallest battery for Particle Argon

I wanted to build a glove which would house an argon and a few accelerometers to measure my hand movements at specific locations. Ideally I wanted to find the smallest and cheapest possible battery that could power the argon for 10 hours.

Coin cells seem to be too weak and Lipo’s look too big. I was thinking that maybe 2 CR2 batteries with a voltage regulator could deliver the necessary power. But even this seems too big for a glove.

Are their better alternatives?

I’d first start with your power budget.

Assume 100 mA Average Operating Current * 10 hours = 1,000 mAH required, minimum.
Since batteries are “rated” by testing over their entire discharge range, you will need to account for that.
(They cant meet the peak current demands once the Voltage drops below a certain point).
As battery voltage drops, the required current increases.

I’d think a 1,500-2,000 mAH Li-Po would be a good starting point.
Once you have everything working, you could explore a more exotic battery chemistry or construction, but most will come with the need to re-charge independently of the Argon.

Personally I use PLC backup battery, Mitsubishi ER17330V/3.6V 2100mAh with my Boron. It’s working perfect for my needs and is not expensive.