Sleep current for B523

Today I got the B523 module with the M.2 Evaluation Board in the mail. I hooked everything up, and see that the B523 alone is using around 20 mA in sleep mode. Is there any way to improve on this? it is a bit too much for running on batteries for some time. The device will wake up and publish data every 3 minutes. Test code below (with wakeup every 30 sec):

SystemSleepConfiguration config;
      .gpio(D2, RISING)
SystemSleepResult result = System.sleep(config);

An upcoming version of Device OS will correct this. The B Series modules are not currently going into sleep mode properly which is causing excessive current consumption.

Ah! Good to hear. Any ETA on that? And what level of current can I expect when it releases? We are planning for 200 devices in October.

There should be a 2.0.0 release candidate with the fix in July. I believe around 20 uA in hibernate mode and 123 uA in stop mode sleep. These numbers aren’t final, but certainly much lower than 20 mA.

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Ok, thanks. This makes it so much more interesting!