Simplicity of connecting to cloud

First of all great project. I was wondering how simple it is to connect to the cloud service? Will I need to open any ports in order to connect to the cloud?

Since the Core makes the connection to the cloud (and not the other way round) you don’t have to forward any ports.

Which TCP/UDP ports does it communicate over?

Thanks! We’re working to make it pretty effortless, in most situations it should be as simple as adding your core to your network.

If your firewall is blocking outgoing connections on unknown ports, then you could open tcp port 8989 for outgoing connections only. I think this configuration is somewhat rare, but I wouldn’t discourage anyone from strict security practices.

I know I’m bumping an old post here, but I’m on a corporate network with most non-“familiar” outbound ports blocked. We’ve opened up TCP outbound port 8989, but I’m still getting 3 red blinks. Have the ports been updated since July?

Also, what DNS/IP does the Spark try to connect to? That way we can test with telnet to see if we can open a connection.

I tried looking for anything along the lines of “8989” and “api” in the Github repos, but couldn’t come up with anything. :-/

Hey @wgbartley,

Yes, the core is trying to connect to on tcp port 5683.


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@wgbartley For the core to connect to the Spark Cloud, your router will need to have outgoing port 5683 open.
More details here:

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