Simple motor controller?

Hi All,

Is there a tutorial anywhere that you know of that has a very simple diagram or tutorial for connecting and programming a 12v DC motor similar to this one? Happy to use a shield if needed, but I don’t understand how they work and I still don’t know what commands I need to send it… or even how to do that. :frowning:

I’m finding it really hard to get my head around simply controlling the motor with a photon.

PS. I’m trying to recreate this:

Appreciate any help that anyone can give me.



you could look for a Serial Controlled Motor Driver…

Sparkfun or Adafruit maybe

Thanks! Does that just work with ‘output high’ and ‘output low’ using delays? Similar to the way a servo works?

I don’t know what “that” is.

A gear motor does not work like a servo, if that is your question.

Ok, thanks. Do you have any example code for controlling a motor? Simple as possible.

he he… is that a trick question?

What kind of motor? what kind of controller?

You maybe should start by looking for projects you want to do (i.e. emulate) and review their choices on motors/controllers/etc. Lots of projects out there controlling blinds.

there may even be one here.

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I was thinking of something like one of these.

Just looking for the simplest way to make it go in both directions, I’m relatively sure I can work out the details from there. :slight_smile:

these units do have their issues, one of which is it a 64:1 reduction. a good thing is that they have quite a bit of write-up and coding examples on the internet, i guess because they are fairly cheap and usually easy to get. they do not go very fast, however, which is the biggest thing i do not like. and there seems to be a couple different units under the same numbers because i found that some libraries & examples do not work on what i have whereas they reportedly work on other ones of the same model number.

Thanks! Can you point me at any examples? I’m really struggling to find anything with Particle and these types of motors.

examples with a particle in the mix?, no. i guess i did not explain myself well. i meant to say just plain operation of the motor examples which did not include particle products but help in getting an understanding of the unit. i can put up some link for that if it would help.i never considered using photon/electron in my project because i had a couple small wifi modules for my cars.
thought since it was still on my mind i’d go ahead and put up the links i was talking about , perhaps they interest someone,