Simple LED flashing program bombs out after an hour or two

I wrote a simple program that simply turns a pin high, waits 1 second, and then turns it low, and waits another second. I flash it, works great, and then an hour or so later when I look at the spark core with the LED attached to the pin that I’m switching high / low, the LED stops flashing. If I unplug the core from USB and then plug it back in, voila, works great again for a little bit, and then stops working after a while.

Anyone else experiencing this?

Hi @naPS, what happend to the Spark’s indicator led when your program stops? Still breathing cyan, or flashing cyan?

Looks like I should have read one more topic down from this. It’s flashing cyan, which seems to be the problem in the large thread that everyone else posted in.

I should probably delete this thread.

Linked here:

Fix coming soon!