Simple IoT project


I’ve been working on an outdoor IoT system that uses particle components:

There are 3 repositories:

  • simpleiot: server/browser code to receive data and view device state. Currently the main purpose is collect data and store it in influxdb for viewing with grafana, but long term plan is to include viewing in the app itself
  • firmware: boron/argon/xenon code to collect data from 1-wire devices and transmit it to the cloud. Also includes timer code to fire a timer at a specific time of day (configured through web BT)
  • hardware: gateway and sensor node designs

Currently, the gateway, temperature node, current clamp node, and relay node have been prototyped.

Below is a google photos album:

The project is still in early stages and needs a lot of refinement, but sharing in case anyone else is interested or finds the project useful.