SIM car with pin code in Electron

How can I use a SIM card from a local provider with PIN code.
I have a local SIM card, but it has a pin code, and this pin code needs to be entered at connection. Is this possible with the Electron?

Currently there is no API for this purpose.
But you can turn off password first using your mobile phone.

Thanks, it works now

Hi there,

We are putting wind turbines in the field with Electrons. As these are mostly remote places we would like to guard our SIM’s with PIN codes to avoid people stealing them and using loads of data. Is this PIN capability likely to be implemented anytime soon?


I’m not aware of PIN codes, but you can set a data limit for a SIM card, so even if they get stolen, they can’t use a lot of data. You can then also deactivate the card if you notice something has gone amiss.

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You should be able to work around the pin code with system mode manual/semi automatic and then by using at commands to input the pin code before trying to connect. I’m on mobile now but this thread seemed to have a bit more info about how to work with at codes on electron: Sending SMS from Particle Electron using AT Commands

Make sure to have the puk code ready when testing :slight_smile: