Shutdown Command


I have an Electron and would like to know if there is any command/function/software way to remotely shutdown the device, including the 3.3v regulator output.


Have you tried;

If you wrap this in a Particle.function() you can do this remotely.
I’d say that’s the closest you get.

But I think it does not switch off the regulator. To my knowledge that’s not possible without extra hardware.

Hmmmm, so, external switching it is then!

If you feel adventurous, you could have a look at these functions

e.g. disableBuck() or disableBATFET()

And see if any of them would get you any closer to your goal.

If any questions arise about these @BDub will be a good source of wisdom - I have no real idea about possible implications and what they really do :blush:

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Hi @ScruffR, you are absolutely right, I missed that it is the Electron, thought about the Photon! The Electron also has the enable pin for the voltage regulator, maybe that helps there.

@ScruffR’s suggestion is the best you can do at the moment:

And for really low power, you might want to check out the Solar Shield for the Electron. We designed it with a MOSFET that completely disconnects power to the Electron for periods of time controlled by the user.

These are not the droids you are looking for.

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I will definitely look into the Solar Shield. Out of curiosity, what exactly do the disableBuck() and disableBATFET() functions do?


There is no really easy to digest summary… please wait until we document these fully, or if you’d like to dig into the datasheet for the PMIC you may do so here:

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