System Deep Sleep - WakeUp event = Particle.Function()

If I put my electron into a System.sleep(SLEEP_MODE_DEEP, 86400) is it possible to wake it up by doing a POST /v1/devices/{DEVICE ID}/{FUNCTION} ?


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So there is no REMOTE way of waking it up? Either it times out or a pin goes high from a sensor or external event, correct?

In that particular mode, the entire module is in a low-power mode and only pins like WKP or RESET or the timer you set, can wake it. There is nothing awake to listen for a remote event!

System.sleep(SLEEP_MODE_DEEP, long seconds) can be used to put the entire device into a deep sleep mode. In this particular mode, the device shuts down the network subsystem and puts the microcontroller in a stand-by mode.

Is there a sleep mode that will save battery life that can be awakened remotely?

With a 3rd Party SIM you could use SMS to wake the Electron.

Can’t quite find the thread I’m thinking of now :blush:

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If I turn off power to the GPS module (with active antenna) , will that save much in the way of battery life?

Funny I remember that thread your thinking of also but it looks to be missing or has been modified :confused:

Here is what I can find about waking up the Electron from the RI_UC pin.

Here is the thread I think we both remember. He is using the RI-UC pin in this code so the wake from SMS is probably baked into it also.

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If you turn it off it will save power, figure out its rated power consumption to calculate actual power savings per hour.

It just may take a min to get a new Fix when you power it back on which is normal unless your using the coin cell battery backup which speeds up new GPS fixes on wake up.

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