Shipment type of core by default

Hello ,

If I want to pre-order a Relay Shield, will the shipment type of core be chip antenna or u.FL connector by default ?

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Hey @sunny - the relay shield doesn’t come with a Spark Core; you purchase the Core separately, and then you can select the chip antenna or u.FL connector.

Thanks for your response quickly. So I have to purchase one Spark Core ( US$ 39 ) and one Relay Shield ( US$ 20 ) to build up a simple power controller, and then I will spend US$ 59 to buy a controller ( not include shipping fee ), right ?

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Yes, that’s correct.

Ok, I understand, thank you very much . I think that I will purchase two Spark Core ( chip and u.FL ) and one Relay Shield. If I have decision, I will pre-order these items via your shop on website. Thanks a lot ~

Sounds great, let us know if you have any further questions!