Shield Shield - Photon analog pins

Hello If I connect my Pressure sensor (max3.3V) to A2 Photon (Red Line) is ok, if I connect the sensor to the Yellow Line A2 from Shield is not ok. How can I solve this problem.
Thanks Valentino

@Tino52, the Shield Shield’s level shifters are not designed for analog signals, only digital. This is why connecting directly to the Photon works. If you were using A2 as a digital input or output then connecting the yellow line would work fine.

Thanks for your Answer what append if I solder a wire from A2 (shield) to the pin (yellow line) support of Photon (sorry for my English).

@Tino52, I would not recommend that as the level shifter will most conflict with the analog signal path. Is there a reason you need the shield shield?

I’m made my little Weather Station I measure Pressure, Umidity, Temp, Light, Wind speed and direction, Rain. And I Use a Arduino Screw Shield. So the Paricle Shield Shield is for me a good solutions.

@Tino52, which pressure sensor are you using? Looking back at the shield shield schematics, I now see the board’s A2 pin is connected to the Photon’s DAC1 pin which is A6. Are you doing an analogRead(A6) in your code?

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An easy way to know what Photon pins are connected to which Arduino pin you can look at the bottom of the Shield Shield.
The print there should give you the Photon pin “names” while the top states the Arduino pin numbers.

Also consider the different ref voltages for Arduino (5V) and Photon (3.3V).

Yes all the most sensor I’m using output are analog (for the temp, wind umidity, pressure).Pressure sensore is Freescale Semiconductor MP3H6115A.

Thanks I use only 3.3 voltage.