Sharing Internet Buttons in a class

I’m volunteering at a local CoderDojo group and we are thinking about doing a series of classes on IoT and using the Internet Button. As part of the CoderDojo guidelines, we can’t charge for the sessions, so we are considering just buying 10-15 of the Internet Buttons and letting the kids (mostly middle school age) use the Internet Buttons in the class.

When the student creates an account on for doing the development, the Internet Button will be associated with that user account. We plan on doing this class multiple times and reusing the Internet Buttons. Is there a way for us to unassign the Internet Button from the account? Kids being kids, we don’t want one person modifying the Internet Button being used by another student. Is there a way to do this?

I’m not sure if there’s a need no ‘unasign’ them, since using the app to set them up will automatically transfer ownership. What might be easy is if at the end of the workshop, you reset the credentials, so that a new setup is required. You can do so by holding the SETUP button until the LED starts blinking blue rapidly. If you want to ensure no user firmware is running, you could flash your own (a demo app) over USB using DFU mode, although this step isn’t necessary.

Thanks, that helps out a lot. Now I have to get past the problem of particle-cli not working, my OS and tools are apparently too new for the serialport package.

If you can downgrade to 0.12.7 for the time being, that should work. The serialport issue is being worked on though.

I did the downgrade to 0.12.7 on my Macbook, but I’m running El Capitan and SerialPort doesn’t work yet on that OS. My Windows box has Visual Studio 2015 and serialport fails to compile with those tools.

Would you be willing to try this windows installer, it’s been successful for me in the past? It allows you to pick the tools you’d like to be installed.