Setting up Photon SoftAP from custom app... Step-by-Step?

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Since I received my Photons and I have been trying to understand how to setup Photon from my custom Mobile or Web Application (not using the iOS setup library), but I can’t figure out the steps. If someone please can write a Step-By-Step instructions on how do it, I’d really appreciate it and I think many in the community will be happy to do so.

What i mean is
Got my Photon, opened it, setup wifi, connect it to cloud, get access tokens, etc from a custom app not from the Photon Setup app or the iOS setup library.

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I have the same question!

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I’m not sure if I can help you, but what exactly are you referring to? You mention:

Define “custom mobile application”. Is that an Android, iOS, Windows mobile, (god forbid) Blackberry app? So many options to choose from, so little information provided.
There is an iOS SDK available which you can use to create your own custom mobile app for iOS.
The same thing exists for Android.
Doing this with a webapp over HTTP should also be possible, or at least in the very near future:

If you know how to develop for either of those systems, you should be able to use the tools provided to make something work for you. If you haven’t got any experience developing for that platform, I’d suggest looking for someone who does, or be prepared to spend some quality time learning it. What you’re asking us to do is create an app for you, something which isn’t a trivial task, and can require quite some effort and time. To ease up that process, the above mentioned tools have been created. If you don’t know how to use those, I’m afraid a step-by-step guide wouldn’t really help, since you’d have a hard time understanding what’s happening.
That’s not to say such a guide won’t be made, but I can understand if it’s not really a high priority.

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@Moors7 thank you for the reply. What I meant is that I wanted to know what are the steps to detect the photon, set WiFi credentials without the use of the iOS or the Android library since I want to write a custom app to setup the product, it will be in .Net targeting WP and Universal Windows 10 devices. I wasn’t asking for someone to write an app for me just wanted to know what are the steps to set credentials after claiming my photon, so when I ship my Photon based device to a customer they will be able to setup the device on their WiFi network without having to go through a Partical account.

I think I got my answer in another post. So thank you again for the information

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Do we have any news on this?

Currently i don’t want to use Particle API to setup my device/future devices


that is throught http, i wanted to do it trough android/ios app

To claim the device you have to use the Particle APIs

But since you have another thread about this future responses should go there