setActiveSim() questions


there is this statement in the docs:

For Boron LTE modules, a special command needs to be given to the cell radio after setting setActiveSim. If this command is not given, the device may end up blinking green, and the device does not connect to cloud. Please refer to this support article if you are switching SIM cards with Boron LTE.

On the support article, I cannot find this special command.
Does someone know what that is?

In that support article, it reads:

  • If you are adding the code above to switch the active SIM from your code, you must power down the cellular modem after changing the setting before you will be able to connect.

Is a System.reset() enough to achieve that?


System.reset() by itself is not sufficient, because you need to power down the cellular modem, and reset does not.

Going into ULP to STOP sleep for 10 seconds is a good way, as it turns off the cellular modem.

Doing, waiting for Cellular.isOff(), then doing System.reset() is also a good choice.

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Thanks @rickkas7 .
And regarding this other question, would you have any insights?

Trillion thanks

There is no special command, I’m not sure where that came from.

I guess you could use AT+CFUN instead of turning the modem off and on. That’s probably what that refers to. But turning off the modem while Device OS still thinks its on will cause more trouble than its worth.