Servo ES08AII, minimum value to write is more than 0?

Been trying out the servo which came with the maker kit and it seems that writing a valuer of 0 tries to push it beyond it min angle. Been trying to find the minimum where it is still and it seems to be around 8-10 (nore done testing). Is this normal for this servo (ES08AII) or is there something wrong with the one i got?
I should say that writing 180 to it first and then (after a delay) writing 8 makes it turn a full 180 degrees.

I am totally new to this so might be somethign obvious I have missed :slight_smile:

Not sure if this is helpful for you -

Sorry for the silence but I am away on vacation so not near my “lab”. It might be related but not sure. What bugs me though is that the max position is not offset by the same number as the min.

I have ordered a bunch of additional servos to test it. Thanks for the input.