SerialBufferRK.h - compile error - simple question

I am attempting to integrate SerialBufferRK into a boron based application under 2.0.0 to stop a Serial overrun issue. When I attempt to compiler the SerialBufferRK example code from GitHub, I get the following failure:

GitHub/AIS_test/lib/SerialBufferRK/src/SerialBufferRK.h:119:2: error: ‘RingBuffer’ does not name a type; did you mean ‘Ring_Buffer’?
119 | RingBuffer<uint8_t> ring;
| ^~~~~~~~~~

Following the suggestion - use Ring_Buffer, gets me:

src/SerialBufferRK.h:119:2: error: ‘Ring_Buffer’ {aka ‘hal_usart_ring_buffer_t’} is not a template
119 | Ring_Buffer<uint8_t> hal_usart_ring_buffer_t;

What is the correct statement to replace “RingBuffer<uint8_t> ring;” with?

Is this something else that I am missing?

Sorry for the simple question - thank you

Have you included RingBuffer.h?

Yes but It turn out that I had RingBuffer.h in the wrong lib directory - moved it into the same lib directory as SerialBufferRK.h and now all is well. As always thank you for your help.

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