Serial RaspberryPi


Is it possible to communicate over the serial port (ttyACM0) on the RaspberryPi using Particle? The port works fine and I can communicate over it using both javascript and python running on the RPI, just not using Particle.

Alternatively, is there way to use a Particle app to send data to javascript or python program running on the RPI?


Not tried it myself, but have you tried something like

void setup() {
void loop() {
  static uint32_t ms = 0;
  while(Serial.available()) { 
    Serial.write(; // echo incoming data
  if (millis() - ms >= 1000) {   // every 1000ms add a dot
    ms = millis();

This would usually (on Particle devices) use the USB Serial interface to communicate

I tried basic serial commands similar to what you suggested, but could see no results on the attached serial device which at this point is just an Arduino attached via a USB cable for testing purposes. Any other suggestions?

Any suggestions? Does writing to an external serial port (ttyACM0) on the RPI using particle work? Is it supported?