Sending multiple values from Arduino Uno ATmega328 to Spark Core

I apologize in advance, I am a bit new with programming the Spark Core.

I have been working over the past several days with communication between the Spark Core and the Arduino Uno, yet I have not been able to get it to work AT ALL. I have followed mulitple tutorials in hopes of getting a communication between the Arduino and Spark Core, such as:

Yet I have come out empty handed. I am open minded to any method of communication between Spark Core and Arduino Uno. Has anyone been able to send multiple values from Arduino Uno to Spark Core?

Any help would be appreciated! :grinning:

Can you get any data to and from the devices?
Have you tried the most basic pure ASCII communication before going into parsing?
How is your wiring?
What is your most simple code you tried and what did or didn’t work with it?

What ScruffR said. Also, you might find some tips in my serial tutorial. The last example sends data between a Photon and Arduino.