Sending Images with Photon 2

Hello All! I am posting here as someone familiar with but new to Particle, after wanting an easy solution to transfer data wirelessly.

I am prototyping an inspection device which locally stores 20-500 MB of images (maybe video) on an SD card. I then need to wirelessly transfer the files to be accessible from a computer. I explored the Boron, but have given up on this route since the data transfer rate on LTE CAT M1 seems pretty slow. However, it seems that a Photon 2 supports faster transfer rates over wifi. I wanted to ask first though – does the Photon 2 explicitly support sending large files like these? Would it send them to Particle Console? Would I be able to view/download the files from Particle Console? Can the photon 2 directly transfer data (presumably over wifi?) to a computer?

I am trying to figure how the data will flow, from: SD Card on Inspection Device --> User's Lab Computer. Any help appreciated!!! Thanks :slight_smile:

This is not practical over cellular because the data limits are small and it would be cost-prohibitive to send that much data, and it will also be very slow.

The Particle cloud is not intended to transfer that much data, either. It's limited to 1024 ASCII characters every second, and in addition to the speed problem, it also would be cost-prohibitive to send that many events (data operations).

On the P2/Photon 2 (Wi-Fi) it is possible to use TCP or UDP directly. This does not have a separate charge from Particle so cost is not a factor, however:

  • You will need to provide and implement your own server to receive the data.
  • There is no built-in support https (TLS/SSL) and a 3rd-party library and some custom code will be necessary.
  • The device is not optimized for high-speed data transfer and will probably have a transfer rate under 500 Kbytes/sec under ideal conditions.

USB or Serial cable to the computer?