Send SMS with Electron and Mobile Things SIM (Italy)

i would like to send SMS with a Mobile Things SIM and Electron
i have tested some examples from the comunity but nothing works
I need to setup the SMS Service Center ?? If yes how??

Luca from Italy

To make sure we don’t have to suggest thing you’ve already tried:
What have you tried, exactly?

I had the same experience trying all the examples in this thread and doing some debugging:

… got receiving an SMS and sending a reply to work 8/10 times on Electron 2G, but not at all on Electron 3G. It was clear that the dependencies between what the application and the OS/firmware do with the modem is way too high to get it stable. And that aspect was confirmed to be a moving target trying other firmwares. Being a hard requirement we had to cancel the project.

Hope this helps others not to loose a lot of time on this. Just sending one SMS should be possible to get working on a specific device with a specific firmware though.

… anyway, at home for sending sms I particle.publish a message to the particle cloud forwarding to It is a supported and maintained method, so it will likely keep working.