Send data to Google Analytics using WebHooks

I am very new to Particle but I have been an Google Analytics Expert for years. I thought I would merge the two while in the process of learning Particle.

The result is a tutorial series on how to send data to google analytics using webhooks. Google Analytics probably isn’t ideal for IoT analytics but it is useful and quite easy to use with webhooks.

Particle Google Analytics WebHook series:

Particle Google Analytics webhook – Introduction
Particle Google Analytics webhook – Measurement Protocol
Particle Google Analytics Webhooks – events
Particle Google Analytics Webhooks – ScreenView

If you want to send your own data check out Validating Hits using the debug endpoint also hit builder is useful for testing out your hits.

Let me know if you have any problems sending data. I would also love to hear if anyone uses this for anything interesting.

The code is just gists on Github I may create a small project on GitHub with some examples of interesting things to log.

Note: Do not try and make your webhooks using Json the server doesn’t accept Json. I checked with the Google Analytics team and there is no plans on supporting json. I wasted two days on that :frowning: