Send Asset monitoring Sensor data to particle cloud using 3rd party sim

Hello, I am trying to send the wireless asset monitoring sensor data by communicating wireless through Particle electron which helps me to send the readings of the sensor to Particle cloud and was going through some documentation for sim activation but still, I am quite doubtful for sim management.
If I use 3rd party sim so any better way about using any 3rd party sim to monitor the data from the cloud using sim network.
It’s my first time I am using particle electron so any advice to use sim management function will be very useful.

Not sure what the question is, but assuming it is:“can I use the Particle cloud with a third party SIM card?” Then the answer is yes. If you do a forum search on that, you’ll find countless topics discussing this.

However, you cannot manage 3rd party SIMs (billing, activation, etc) through the Particle Cloud.

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