Send Accelerometer sensor data to particle photon using BLE communication

I have the pair of HC-05 BLE module which I want to communicate wirelessly as the transmitter is connected I2C Accelerometer Sensor and receiver is connected with the photon to receive the sensor data wirelessly. But to make this possible, still looking for the best way to connect Sensor connected to communicate with Particle using WIFI to create the private connection. Any leads to make this work will be helpful.

@Derbo43, you have two HC05 devices paired together, correct? One is connected to a sensor, the other to a Photon, correct? You can use WiFi create a “private connection” to what exactly?
Do you have the HC05 that is connected to the Photon correctly sending serial data to the Photon?

More details of what you want to achieve and what you have working already would be helpful.