SD Card not working with Device OS complie change

I recently tried the new DeviceOS 2.0.1 and have noticed the my code for reading SD cards using the SdFat library is no longer working, it ends up freezing the unit like it is unable to communicate with the SD card. I have had this code working for many months with DeviceOS 1.4.4

I have noticed that if I do a full local compile of code and deviceOS 1.4.4 and load it into the Boron it works fine even though the Boron is still reporting that the current Device OS is 2.0.1

I appreciate any thoughts as to why changing the compiling DeviceOS would change the SD card behavior. Thank you!

Hi @shonky2 - I recommend reviewing the changelog, in which the many changes between 2.0.1 and 1.4.4 are documented.

Without more information about your implementation, including some minimal stripped-down firmware of your SD card implementation, it’s really tough to avoid speculation here.


We’ll do some additional digging to see if we can narrow it down. The only item that I noticed in the changelog seemed related was the SPISettings change, could there be any potential impact from that?

Thank you!

Hey @shonky2 - it’s possible, but again, I hate to speculate without more information including some minimal stripped-down firmware of your SD card implementation with which I can reproduce the issue.

Thank you! We’ll dig in some more and see if we can track something down, if we can’t we’ll strip it down to the SD card code and share that with you. Thanks again

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