SD-Card Library

I’m using that SD Card library ported by @BDub and testing with a couple of microSD.

1.) Has anyone tried using the library with FAT32 with success?

2.) Seems like anything more than 2Gb on the FAT16 is not working for now…

Or am i not formatting the SD card corrected?

@mdma, i know that you are working on a SDfat system and @marcus did a really simple file system!

Any updates on the progress? I will need something awesome to test the microSD/FRAM shields with larger capacity cards! :smiley:

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FAT16 has a maximum limit of 2Gb - it’s simply not possible to use it to format a larger filesystem. So if you have only FAT16 available, then use it only with a filesystem smaller than 2Gb.

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Also the FATfs library is fairly easy to integrate (I use it in flashee). If you already have the low-level access to microSD, then adding the necessary diskio.c file is pretty straightforward.

I’m not really familiar with those :smiley:

Just using the library for some very simple testing like reading a list of files, testing the read/write speed… :0

Im pretty sure i had it reading a 32GB card… The one from my phone… but I didn’t want to corrupt my phone SD card so I just tested for 30 seconds to make sure it wasn’t a wiring issue

SD association had a SD card formatter that is the best way to format an SD card without messing up the locked bits

Not sure what library I was using tho… have a look at my Git and you will see some of my projects that use it… I haven’t changed since I got it working

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I’m using it succesfully with a 4GB card (albeit almost empty, with only few small files)

Hi Kenneth,
You are obviously post MS-DOS ! :smiley: We where very happy with disksizes up to 360Kb…
This might help:
Microsoft MS-DOS versions 4.0 and later allow FDISK to partition hard disks up to 4 gigabytes (GB) in size. However, the MS-DOS file allocation table (FAT) file system can support only 2 GB per partition. Because of this fact, a hard disk between 2 and 4 GB in size must be broken down into multiple partitions, each of which does not exceed 2 GB. .

Further more, I used the SD fat library on the Arduino with the sd card shield, it worked perfectly.
As soon as I receive your cards I will setup a test. I’m confident that all will work fine, it’s plain C over SPI, what can go wrong :wink:

I will port my Silly|Simple Filesystem to your card,when I have time.


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