Scraping Data behind a Web Logon - Display ISP Data?

I was hoping someone has done this sort of thing before (I see some mention of it but not sure I can find a solution).

Essentially my project would be to get my photon to logon into my ISP’s client page and download two pieces of information; my monthly data usage (in Gb’s) and then the remaining amount (in %). The only issue is that the webpage requires a logon (and subsequent click of the Logon button).

Does anyone know how to do this through the Photon? Perhaps through a webhook (I have read the documentation so am fairly clued up on this - I see one can make GET requests however not sure whether this can be done through a logon screen).

I’ve explored multiple webpages on this and a lot seems to be done in Node.js (I’m no where on this) and even through some online sites like, and Chrome extensions. The only issue would be that I need the Photon to do this, obviously without the there being excessive data downloaded.

Once I have these two pieces of information then I plan to display them at home, with hourly updates, in some clever 3D printed enclosure / moving piece. Perhaps something like the below…