Scaling mesh to production with a smaller form factor (e.g. like P1 but for Xenon, Boron, Argon)? [SOLVED: "Coming soon"]

The feather form factor is great for development, but wondering what the best roadmap may look like for a smaller hardware form factor when scaling up for production runs?

Specifically, I’m considering the Xenon for a sensor, with custom PCB and enclosure (already developed for a different tech stack). The feather form factor is too large for a custom PCB, so I’m looking for something similar to the P1 (basically the goodies under the shield, minus buttons, LED, connectors). And that already has FCC modular approval (so I’m not just taking the BOM and building it myself).

Are other form factors coming, and if so when? Other ways to approach this?

There are SoM versions of the mesh devices planned


Thanks @ScruffR, you pre-empted my next question with your link.

I think I like the solderless approach. That’s been a headache for me on a Photon project since the module cost is comparatively so large vs the rest of the BOM that you don’t want to manufacture thousands and if sales don’t meet expectations have those parts essentially lost. The ability to manufacture base boards, and plug in the SoM as sales scale makes it a lot more attractive.