Scaling down from RPi to Particle Boron and Xenon

Hi Guys,

I’m considering buying a Particle Boron and Xenon, to wirelessly connect a project I’m running on the RPi 3 to 3G (I’m from Ireland). The project runs several python programs to connect to the Google Maps API, to find traffic levels - not to locate the positions of the devices.

I then aim create a mesh network for the devices using the Xenon.

Please excuse the ignorance, but do I use the Boron in conjunction with the RPi, or can I use the Particle IDE to run the programs? The computing power of the Raspberry Pi was the reason that I used the RPi originally instead of an Arduino.

The main aim - in the long term - of using the Boron is to scale down from the RPi, although if necessary, I will use it in conjunction with the RPi.

Thanks in advance for your patience,


You should be able to connect to Google APIs via webhooks, so your tasks should not require a RPi.
But you’d need to do it all in C++ on the Boron as it doesn’t talk Python.

The IDE is only for develpoing not for running programs.